Upcoming Changes to Leveling, IP, Rewards


Sometime last year, we started to look into big, long-lasting problems players have with some of the oldest and most fundamental systems in League—specifically IP, rewards, and leveling. A few things quickly became clear:

Spending IP on runes doesn’t feel good and comes at the expense of unlocking champs
Grinding to unlock champions takes too long, especially for newer players
Lots of players have huge IP balances with nothing to spend it on
The leveling system hasn’t aged well and offers nothing to longtime players

So let’s talk about what we’re doing to solve these issues.

When preseason hits, we’re making runes free and giving you rewards based on how much you invested in the system. For the details on those rewards, definitely watch that Riot Pls video.

We’re also introducing uncapped leveling. Remember the level 30 cap? It’s gone, and it’s being replaced with a revamped rewards system that levels up with you. Instead of getting IP after every game, you’ll receive an unlocked chest—called a capsule—every time you level up. These capsules contain champ shards and blue essence, and if you hit special milestone levels, you’ll earn special rewards like gemstones or hella rare emotes.

Finally, we’re going to merge IP with blue essence. You’ll be able to spend the new currency (still just called “blue essence” or “BE”) on all the things you could previously buy with IP or blue essence. Everything in the store cost the same as before—for example, it’ll be 6300 BE for a newer champ like Kayn.

Timestamps: 0:00 – Intro/Runes Reforged Update 1:20 – Leveling and Rewards Changes 3:41 – What’s happening to my current Runes? 6:01 – Player Requests 6:31 – Game Balance in Worlds and Preseason

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